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Union Sport was started in 1989 by founder Gary Richey to build and maintain tennis courts throughout Northeast Ohio. Union Sport has grown over almost 40 years to maintain 100's of tennis courts and country club courts. Union Sport expanded to an e-commerce site in 2017 as a way to expand the availability of maintenance tools and accessories to maintain courts throughout the United States.

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What we do

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Visit our Store Now and check out all our Maintenance Tools and Accessories that can help you maintain your courts today.  We are adding dozens of tools and accessories to our inventory so check back often.  We offer shipping to all 50 states with priority shipping available on most items.

Gary and his team offer Court Construction, Curb Renovations, Net Post Replacements, Windscreens, Nets and Net Posts, Court Brooms & Rakes, Line Brushes, and much more. Union Sport is taking on new clients now. 



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