Union Sport Tennis Court Maintenance Services

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Got A Clay Court? Let us help you keep it pristine. We have more than 60 years of expertise in this department so don't hesitate to call us for advice on which tools make the most sense for your situation. We can help you create a better place to play. 

A Clean Court Is A Happy Court

  • Agitation to Improve Traction
  • Growth Control
  • Taping Lines 
  • Surface Rolling
  • Water Removal
  • and much more



We Inspect and Replace if needed Playing Nets, Posts, and Windscreens.  We use only the best material and parts to ensure your court is in great shape for the season,


Why You Need Good Windscreens and Nets?

Less Litter and Debris on Your Court After Storms

Strong Nice Looking Nets Provide a Professional Look

Stops Strong Wind Gusts From Blowing Away Surface

Reduces Maintenance Costs & Time



Union Sport drainage
Union Sport Tennis Court Construction


It doesn't seem like that many players sit down on change overs, but the moment seating is not available it is surely missed for that occasional shoe tie or as a place to put your belongings. We seek out designs that are attractive and durable.  We ensure you get the right equipment for you and help you install and maintain these important pieces of any Tennis Court.

So How Can We Help?

  • Court Bench Cabanas
  • Benches
  • Umpire Chairs
  • and much more




Winterizing a hard court for the winter months is important. Special attention should be given to windscreens, which are attached to the fence system on your tennis court.  An inspection of the Net Posts and other court structures should be done and notes taken to repair in Spring. Debris on the court should also be removed.

How We Winterize Your Court?

Clean Debris, Twigs, Leaves

Antifreeze Standpipes

Take Down Windscreens & Nets When Dry

Spray Herbicide to prevent Moss & Algae

Pull up Tapes and Dispose

and much more



Winterization Union Sport
Clay court maintenance Union Sport


Periodic maintenance on a tennis court addresses court changes that occur over time. These should include repair of divots and low spots, inspection of tapes for areas where the lines are high or the edges are curled, elimination of growth around the perimeter of the court, scarification of any hard or slippery spots, and clearing drainage channels.

Some Preventative Maintenance

  • Court Sweeping
  • Court Raking
  • Court Leveling
  • Install New Line Tapes
  • Top Dressing
  • and much more